SST Education Model

A STEM Focused Education

College Prep Begins in Kindergarten

A college-bound education starts in the elementary grades at SST Schools. Beginning in kindergarten, each school focuses on developing proficiency in core subjects, and this approach continues throughout an SST education.

Early Emphasis on Math and Science Education

Students attending SST Schools begin their specialized math and science instruction in the fourth grade, enabling them to receive a strong math and science foundation from highly qualified teachers at an early age.

Extended School Hours and Days

At SST Schools, we believe every student can master the skills they need to succeed. Students who need additional academic instruction or support are provided extended after school and Saturday tutorials.

These tutorials use computer-based learning aids, and dedicated educators help students understand the concepts with which they are having difficulty. Extended hours are not just for individuals needing additional help; gifted, talented and advanced students also receive extended, advanced instruction.

Small, Safe, Caring School Environment

The small classroom environment found at SST Schools creates an inviting, safe, and purposeful environment in which students can learn to their maximum potential. The friendly and wholesome atmosphere encourages creative expression and a desire for knowledge.