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Graduation Requirements

For a student to graduate from SST High Schools, the students must fulfill: 
1. SST High School Credit Requirement
2. Passing Score on Texas STAAR End of Course Assessments (EOC)
 Students must pass following Texas STAAR EOC Assessments
  • Algebra I
  • English I
  • English II
  • Biology
  • US History
3. Admission by a 4-Year College
SST High Schools provide a solid foundation of learning that our students can build on in college. Each student takes at least 7 solid academic classes every semester. Students have a chance to start with regular classes and move on to challenging themselves in advanced classes. Our high school program prepares our students for success in college and beyond. SST High School students may even able to take college courses on campus or at a local college. Our high school program helps our students to get college admission easier.
Distinguished Level of Achievement is a standard plan at SST High Schools. All students who graduated with this plan become eligible for top 10% automatic admissions for Texas Public Universities.
4. Minimum 1 (one) Advanced Placement (AP) or Dual Credit Course Completion
Advanced Placement (AP) and Dual Credit courses are college-level courses. All of our students should complete at least one college-level course in high school before graduation. Here are a few advantages to taking college-level courses in high school:
  • Students will develop time management skills
  • Students will explore specific fields of study in-depth
  • Students will have fewer classes to take in college
  • Students will save money in the long run
  • Students will improve their chances for college admission
  • Students will gain an appreciation of academic rigor
  • Students will have more opportunities to specialize their studies with a minor or second major
  • Students will be eligible for different merit scholarships
5. Capstone Research Project Completion
Capstone Research Project highlights students' educational accomplishments. The capstone project provides students with the opportunity to exhibit their capacity for learning and allows them to show off the critical thinking skills they have built. The capstone project benefits students by creating self-confidence and building a sense of preparedness for college and let students immerse themselves in a field of interest.
6. Minimum 100 Community Service Hours
Community service hours help students to expand their worldview, develop empathy and leadership skills, and realize how their actions can have a positive impact on the world. Students realize how their learning applies to the real world, which reinvigorates their passion for learning. 
7. Minimum 1 (one) Industry-Based Certification
Top 10 reasons why high school students earn an industry-based certification
  • Prepares Students for the Future
  • Real-World Industry Applications
  • Increases Opportunities for Employment
  • Validates Knowledge and Skills
  • Leads to High Levels of Student Engagement
  • Demonstrates Critical Thinking and Solving problem Skills
  • Display's Students Drive and Grit
  • Exhibits Student's Passion for Industry
  • Fulfills Graduation Requirement
  • Higher Earning Potential